Misted Glass And Failed Glass Units Cackle Street

If you are experiencing condensation inside your windows and the glass unit is misting up the unit has failed and needs to be replaced. Normally when double glazing fails it has lost the vacuum between the sheets of glass and moisture can get in. Over time the moisture will leave an inaccessible residue that will prevent you looking out of the window. We can replace your double glazed units at a fraction of the cost of most other companies, we offer free no obligation quotations across the whole of Cackle Street.

What Is A Double Glazed Unit?

Modern double glazed glass units consist of two panes of 4mm thick glass, which is fitted either side of a spacer bar. The spacer bar varies in depth dependent on your window frame but is usually between 4-24mm, once the glass is fitted either side the unit is sealed and taped to create an airtight vacuum. The units can also be filled with gases like argon to give the double glazed unit better insulation values.

Why Do Double Glazed Units Fail?

There are lots reasons why your glass may have began to mist and condensate. Double glazed units can fail because they were badly made or it can be the case of the age of the glass. We find main reason glass units begin to mist up is due to natural causes.

Over the years the continuous climate change from the sun, wind, rain and cold causes extreme expansion and contracting in both the frame and the double glazed seal. The glass unit begins to break down, which allows cool moist air into the double glazed unit.

On a sunny day it heats up and begins to evaporate it cools and becomes water droplets on the glass. Over time it only gets worse as more and more moist air works into the glass unit, eventually causing water to settle in the bottom of the unit. Please note that if you have timber windows or Velux roof windows it will begin to rot the timber frame of the window.

Free Quotes Given For Misted Glass Units Cackle Street

We offer free quotes for any replacement glass units you may have please feel free to contact us with the rough size of the glass width x height and we can quote you over the phone. Call us free on 0800 009 4201 or 0330 016 5099.

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