Velux Glass Replacement Woodplumpton

We offer an outstanding service on the replacement glass and maintenance of all types of Velux windows, from flat roof windows to the more common standard Velux roof windows. The most common problems which we encounter are:

  • Misted up Velux glass units
  • Condensation between the Panes
  • Draughts
  • Cracked Velux glass units
  • Sticking hinges
  • Velux windows which wont Lock or Close
  • Leaking Velux Windows

Replacement Velux Glass Woodplumpton

If the Velux glazing unit has deteriorated, it should always be replaced. When the glazing unit has deteriorated, the level of insulation is considerably lower than with a new, low-energy pane. Replacing your misted up Velux window glass will help to reduce your energy costs and carbon footprint.

Why Does My Velux Window Feel So Cold?

If you are experiencing a sensation of draught from the window in the form of down-draught from the pane. It is relatively easy to ascertain if a glazing unit has deteriorated, if the pane seems dim and you can see unmistakable humidity between the layers of glass. Try turning the sash around to the cleaning position - you will often be able to see water drops run between the layers of the glass. This shows that humid atmospheric air has penetrated the space between the panes and the glass needs to be changed.

We can replace your broken down insulating glass units by modern low-energy panes. As mentioned, a low-energy pane will result in significantly reduced heating costs and a better indoor climate by keeping the warmth inside.

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